A giclee art print of Shakti who lives on an elephant sanctuary in Kerala India.

She lives her life as a free elephant and is very well cared for. 

Festival and temple elephants in India although seen from the outside as 'beautiful and spiritual' often have very compromised and miserable lives. In fact Kerala has the highest number of festival elephants in India – thought to be about 500. Action for Elephants UK (AfE) has branded the state “ground zero for elephant torture”, and has called their illegal treatment “the worst case of animal cruelty in the world”.

I called this piece Shakti as 'Shakti' represents the divine life force that flows through us all, ie strength. I wanted to depict how her majestic nature shines though despite the threat that elephants face in Asia both in our social and physical climate. 

Limited edition. Small print: 250 available. Medium print: 150 available. Large print: 75 available.

This print is available in three sizes:

  • Small - Can be mounted or unmounted.
  • Medium Can be mounted or unmounted.
  • Large - Unmounted, with a 5cm white border.

Mount is snow white textured. Mounted it is ready drop into a standard frame.