Public Artwork | Mosaics


Mosaic projects in schools and public spaces produce effective, long lasting and hard wearing installations. Designs are highly creative, and constructing them together with the children gives them a sense of pride and achievement in their works of art.

Projects have included welcome signs, school plaques, a tree of life, ground mosaics and the most recent enterprise entailed the construction of 12 pairs of giant mosaiced concrete stepping stone feet.

Tree of life Construction 2010 – This was a really gratifying project executed with a Year Six class from a local primary school. Each child worked through the process of creating an exterior mosaic from conception to completion to create a wonderfully organic looking, yet highly vibrant finished structure. It has pride of place outside the schools’ main entrance where pupils, staff and parents can all gain from the improvement to their daily environment.
Mosaic stepping stones: This project started as a vision from the head teacher which I was able to realise through much research of concrete feet moulds! Once the moulds were made the creative part could begin. The stepping stones have created a highly visual and interactive play area. Please contact me if you would like to create some in your school or garden.

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