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This field of work focuses on the development of environmental awareness in the community through educational art projects.

I have recently developed my expertise and now run an educational branch which I have named art-work.

I regularly work with Year 6 leavers of Primary schools to leave a legacy behind of their time at school. This can be canvases, murals or mosaics.

A brief synopsis:

i) Art-work provides a cross-curricular activity which advocates learning about vital issues through highly informative and creative painting workshops for schoolchildren.

ii) Art-work also promotes the 'Every Child Matters' scheme, giving creative opportunity to all children whatever their background or circumstances.

iii) Themes are educationally based, covering subjects like the environment, climate change, local and world history, geography and social awareness.

Click here to download a typical workshop

Canvas painting

As an artist educator my core beliefs are to finish a workshop with an end result in which children and school staff can take pride. I have worked in numerous schools and public institutions in and around London, creating lasting pieces that can be hung in such locations as school corridors, nurseries, libraries or health centres.


All these works below demonstrate how teaching children about the delicate future of our planet through painting not only provides wonderful learning but also helps the information to sink in far better than just reading or listening to lectures. This is called Kinesthetic learning: learning through doing.