About Me

I have been creating art for more than 20 years , primarily from my studio which is currently at the Blackhorse Lane Studios in Walthamstow, London. I participate regularly in exhibitions and art fairs around the country as well as the local E17 Art Trail and Open Studios.

I am always happy to welcome collectors to my studio to see 'where the magic happens' so contact me to arrange a visit. Or, if you prefer, join my mailing list at the bottom of this page for an invitation to my next open studios, exhibition, or art fair participation.

I draw my inspiration from the natural world, nature is full of complexity and I love discovering the beauty in every detail and translating it onto the surface of the artwork. I am a true animal lover and strives to further the cause of animal welfare throughout much of my work.

My paintings are unique works that I embellish with layers of gold paint to give them a characteristic feel of opulence. In what has become a signature element in my practice, I often add extra texture on the edges of the painting by collating canvas thread which I then paint over. This frames the subject in a rich background that adds to the feeling that you are in front of the portrait of a very important subject. Each animal I paint has its own personality and I love exploring the diversity and complexity of my subjects through vibrant animated images.

Subjects for my recent collection are hares and runner ducks and I am excited about this new body of work. Other subject matters that have inspired me recently include fruits, chillies, flamingoes, a toucan, as well as donkeys and elephants but one subject that remain very close to my heart are cows, especially the Indian street cows which I have been photographing and creating paintings from these images for more than 15 years. My work aspires to strike an empathic resonance with these characters as I translate their expression to canvas by manipulating the paint to create a dynamic and energetic picture. Having painted various breeds of cows over the years I discovered that the Indian cows completely lend themselves to my magnified use of colour and experimental ‘rangoli’, stencilling using powder pigments and sari patches borders purchased in the markets in Delhi and Jaipur. By setting the cows against a rich colourful background with patterns inspired by the fabrics I am depicting the reverence with which these imposing animals are treated in India.

In recent years I set out to build relationships with local Indian charities. I have formed a close partnership with TOLFA (Tree of Life for Animals) in Rajasthan who, along with other organisations, rescue cows from illegal traffickers or road accidents and re-home them in sanctuaries known as Gaushalas. The photographs from my previous trips were mostly taken at Gaushalas and I donate 10% of my back profits to these charities. You can see my ongoing series of unique paintings based on these striking animals here.

My screen prints are released in very small editions with each print often varying from the next, due to the manual process involved, making every piece unique. The works are hand-pulled my studio using very basic 'old school’ techniques.

My multiple duck pieces focus on shifting the forms to produce overlays or doubles, hence creating a waddling effect. I am an avid environmentalist and the use of ‘crown’ imagery throughout my duck pieces are a subtle reminder of the importance of our rivers and waterways and the need to protect them. They are all one-offs or very small editions and I love the contemporary graphic art feel that comes with this medium. You can find my ongoing series of screen prints here.

I also create limited edition giclee prints which offer emerging collectors a more affordable avenue to access my work. While accessible, my prints are of very high quality, printed on archival acid free, Hahnemuhle William Turner 320gsm paper at a local printmaking studio. All my prints are numbered and hand signed and they are often available in various sizes as you can see on the dedicated section here.

While I love creating art for the home, I have also been involved for many years in the world of public art and in community art initiatives. I was the artist-in-residence for a London Community Association for 10 years where I worked on several public art projects liaising with both councils and the local community.

I have also worked in schools and galleries as an artist educator since 2000 when I initiated the Mill Lane Bridge painting project. I thrive in an educational environment, specialising in teaching environmental awareness and the fragility of our planet through creative art projects whilst focusing on high quality artistic processes and outcomes.