This beautiful donkey has been a long time in the conceptual stage and I'm so delighted that he is ready to purchase as a giclee art print and a greeting card. Pack of 6. 3 of Milo and 3 of Molly 

Milo is a rescue donkey from TOLFA India.  I met him during my visit to there in January 2018. TOLFA (Tree of life for Animals) is an Animal hospital and sanctuary situated just outside the holy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan. Milo came into Tolfa's care 7 years ago after they rescued him with a front broken leg in which the bone had actually come out the skin. Obviously he recovered following the wonderful treatment of their medical team, but has been left with a wonky front leg.He now has a home for life with TOLFA and lives with his donkey friends plus many other beautiful animals who have all been rescued and had their lives saved following accidents. 
A percentage of the profits raised from these cards will go to TOLFA.
Edition sizes :  Medium print 150. Large print 75.
This print comes in two sizes. Both prints are unmounted. The large size has a 5cm white border.