Flamingo love

Being such a lover of ducks..and colour.. I decided to branch out further into the bird world and paint this piece of two flamingos. Whilst researching this piece I leant that flamingos are monogamous by nature, and only lay around one egg per year. I love the fact that  courting flamingo couples show their affection by bumping up against one another and form a heart shape with their necks. 

Limited edition. Small print: 250 available. Medium print: 150 available. Large print: 75 available.

This giclee art print is available in three sizes:

  • Small - Size listed is inclusive of mount. Actual image is 5cm smaller.
  • Medium Size listed is inclusive of mount. Actual image is 5cm smaller (Medium size is also available unmounted, which has a 1cm white border).
  • Large - Unmounted, with a 5cm white border.

Mount is snow white textured. Mounted it is ready drop into a standard frame.