I have used very soft pinks, greys and blues in this painting of Molly to reflect her gentle sweet nature. Available as a giclee art print and greetings cards.

Molly is a rescue cow from TOLFA India.TOLFA (Tree of life for Animals) is an animal hospital and sanctuary situated just outside the holy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan.  I met Molly during my visit to TOLFA in January 2018 during which I took some photographs that formed the inspiration for this painting.Molly previously had an owner but when she stopped producing milk they put her out on the street to fend for herself as is the sad fate of many female cows in India. Whilst roaming in busy Ajmer city she was clipped by a vehicle that damaged her hind leg and that's when the team at TOLFA were called to her rescue. Her leg hasnowhealed but the injury means she has a permanent deformity and this is why she will stay at TOLFA for the rest of her days.
This image is now also available as greeting card and is sold in a pack of 6. 3 of Molly and 3 of Milo (Tolfa donkey)
A percentage of the profits raised from these cards will go to TOLFA.

Limited edition: Medium print 150. Large print 75.

This print comes in two sizes. Both prints are unmounted. The large size has a 5cm white border.